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The Neurology Department, St .Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, is a tertiary referral facility offering a range of clinical and diagnostic neurological services. Associated with the hospital Neurology Service we offer a private consulting service, located on the main campus in Fitzroy. Clinics with various subspecialty interests, as well as urgent and general neurological clinics take bookings directly (with appropriate referral). We will usually be able to see patients with urgent or acute conditions on the same day if appropriate, and members of the neurology department are available to discuss specific situations with referring doctors.

Diagnostic services provided by the Hospital Neurology Department include EEG, EMG and Nerve Conduction Studies, Evoked Potentials, and access to MRI facilities in the St. Vincent's Department of Radiology. The Neuropsychology Department is also located within the Neurology Department.

A variety of trials involving new drugs and other treatments are performed via the Department, and details of these can be found to the right. Research into neurological conditions is an important parJune 6, 2004 this can be found here.

The Neurology Department is closely associated with the Neurosurgery Department of the Hospital. To find out more, look here.

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